Subordinate Conjunctions

Invitation to Notice:
When he lunged forward, his body moved in a cockeyed way.
- Slob, Ellen Potter

Teacher asks students, "What do you notice."

This is a time to allow the students to explore writing. You want them to notice the differences about what comes before the comma and after, but they won't on the first try. This does not make their contribution to the conversation incorrect. Encourage ALL responses. If this step starts to drag on, this is when you start to steer the conversation to your direction. However, after teaching around 8 lessons in this way- they ALWAYS find their way.

Introduction of New Material



Invitation to Imitate: When he lunged forward, _ . This is a good opportunity to discuss the differences between imitation and plagiarism.

Invitation to Celebrate: Students share sentences. It is important to CELEBRATE their efforts. Every correct sentence is a victory and deserves to be made over.

Invitation to Write:

"If I Had a Million Dollars"

The students listen to the song and follow along with the lyrics. After the song is over, the students will write If I had a million dollars, _. Continue doing this and make a list. The students can share a few of them again, making sure to celebrate each sentence. The students then select their favorite of their list and use this as a starting point to do a quick write. Challenge your students to use as many subordinating conjunctions are possible.

Invitation to Collect: After this lesson is over, I invite students to collect sentences using subordinating conjunctions from their daily reading. As soon as they find a sentence, they are allowed to write the sentence on a sentence strip and hang it on the wall.

Added Invitation
For any remaining time in the class, challenge your students to start every sentence they say for the rest of the class period using subordinating conjunctions. Refuse to answer back if they do not.

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